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this one is very broken

this is the bit that fell off the front.

the dagger board needs lots of paint.

its falling off.

this ends lost a bit too.

er...the batons!

Er...the sails?

we are going to see how heavy it is

it needs to lose weight.

other end.

a lot of weight


the varnish is nearly all off already!


we need to clean up

now Im taking out the screws that hole the broken front together

Im still scraping off all  the varnish.

some is on there well.

Using dads hammer and screwdriver to take the paint out of the screw heads.

dad said OI ! ! !

the tape is peeling off

im putting a bit of varnish on to see what it looks like.

Now to take the paint off the bottom

Its getting lighter already!

This paint is easy to get off!

er... some of it was

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