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Dad broke it!

He says he didnt.

No mcdoanalds if it was dads fault

It was Dannys fault!

until after mcdonalds

the bottom has some bad holes and cracks

bits has delaminated which means the woods are getting ungued

got to be careful not to damage the tape

If I say its both mine and dads until after he helps me get the paint off....

I think dad leaned on his scraper much too hard.

Shouldnt have blamed him. Now Ive got another hole.

I think I need him to stop helping before he completely destroys it!

I got him to grind it out

That hole is getting bigger but I need to make it like that to stop the new bit falling in.

D AAAAA D ! ! ! !

Good dad.

its coming off


hes sitting, Im doing all the work.

filling it back up


its staying itn there while it dries.


this is what dad is doing.


Im fixing up the hole

Sanding it flat.

Had to take the edge off with the jigsaw so I can fix the delaminated.

wetting it with resin

Oh thats the floor of the tape. I pulled it out as it was holding in the water

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