Julian has given me this Mirror dinghy...


Theres some varnish waiting to come off

and it needs some repairs

and cleaning to do

and some patching up

and some new erm equipment

needed. First we are going to take out all of the varnish

and wash it out

erm... somethings broken here...

oh yea the straps need fixing...

we need to get rid of those spots

the varnish is falling off

lots of it

this broke too

we need to take out the fibreglass tape

its yuck

oh dear.


broken nose

we need to fix all its parts too

and its rudder

the varnish has fell off.

it needs a lot of work

same with the boom

the boom needs varnishing

and a new mainsheet

kickstrap is ok.

this thing is split too.

the varnish is coming off on this as well.

the mast is the same

oh dear.

double oh dear.

the mast fits in the boat.

what are those?

one is ok

oh dear


this one is very broken