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Dad gave us this wood for Christmas

So we built these.

Ed marking

Me marking

Marking out where to cut

Long lines

finishing it off

Eds turn

Hes wetting, Im microfibring

Im doing a butt joint

Im fibreglassing it all so that the joints can be strong

Sticking it in

Its glued in

now for the other one.

Microfibring the edges

so that the water wont get in

almost done

Eds doing his

Thats the sides

Screws hold it while it sets

School time

Dad got it while we were out

he chewed the screw heads. Wasnt me.

Er... he just said no Mcdonalds again.

Dannys fault!

Getting ready to join her up

Teeth scissors

Now the nose

more tape

Im taping her up so that the micrifibres can get in easily


more tape

now to do the corners

needs lots

using bits of wood to support the nose

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